Alie Caswell

Alie Caswell

Alie Caswell is a Brit who just passed the five-year mark in Southern Germany. Musician, writer, expat supporter, fluent in the language of international hand gestures and with an always unwavering enthusiasm for marzipan and museums. Originally an accompanying partner (not a trailing spouse) with a detailed 12-month plan to travel, learn a language and check out German culture from the inside. Life decided to extend those plans and she ended up with a Dirndl, a love of beer festivals and living in a wonky half­timbered house in deepest Baden­-Württemberg. She blogs about Germany, the expat life and the good, bad and ugly of living somewhere which both exasperates and delights her on a daily basis.

You can find her on social media any time she isn’t working, reading, swearing at her sewing machine or taking photos. She loves connecting with expats because they get it; they understand being the stranger and the crazy ups and downs of the expat adjustment lifecycle in a way that locals and friends and family back home mostly can’t. The transient nature of expat life has not stopped her putting down roots: she was always a European, but she now considers herself a local in more than one country.

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