@WeAreXpats initiative has lived many years through its cycle, and we decided it’s time to close it. We’re currently working on archiving and presenting the project. Please keep an eye on  Expatriate Archive Centre (EAC) for updates!


The Expatriate Archive Centre (EAC) started the @WeAreXpats RoCur account in 2016 as a project to experiment with archiving 21st-century media. @WeAreXpats owes its original concept and structure to @sweden, which in 2011 pioneered the idea of demonstrating the diversity of Sweden by rotating the curation of the account to a different person each week.

Instead of focusing on any specific geography, @WeAreXpats curated the myriad life situations and mindsets of being an expat: a temporary resident in a country different from one’s origins. We were also interested in expatriate-adjacent topics and roles, such as repatriation, Third Culture Kids, etc. Each week a new expat curator tweeted from Monday 12:00 CET through the following Monday at 11:00 CET.