Who are we looking for?

Any person who is currently an expat, expat-turned-immigrant, or a recent repatriate may be a curator. We define expat as anyone who lives temporarily in a country other than their “home” country, regardless of the reason you live abroad. If you’ve previously curated another RoCur account, we welcome your experience. If you aren’t currently an expat, but have been in the past, and you still want to contribute, please consider donating materials that documented your time abroad to the Expatriate Archive Centre (EAC). You can read about what the EAC collects and from whom here.

What do curators get out of it?

Like other RoCur accounts, curating @WeAreXpats is an opportunity to tweet about what matters to you.

@WeAreXpats is also a unique opportunity to participate in a long-term social-academic experiment. As communities have created new ways to communicate and express themselves, expats have been at the vanguard of adopting media to keep in touch with loved ones back home, connect with new friends in new places, and make their voices heard on a global stage. In response to these new trends, archives worldwide are considering and innovating new ways to preserve and archive 21st-century materials, like those found online and in social media. The tweets from @WeAreXpats will be archived at the Expatriate Archive Centre, an independent international archive based in The Netherlands that preserves material documenting the expat experience worldwide.

What do we need from curators?

To provide the audience some background or context, we ask that you write a few sentences about yourself to be shared here on the website. Tell us about where you’re from, where you live, and what being an expat means to you. And don’t forget to prepare a profile photo for Twitter!

Once you are curating, we appreciate your best efforts to tweet in English… but feel free to teach your audience some words or phrases from your native or local language!

We respect your autonomy as a curator and hope that you respect others’ opinions as well. Disagreement is fine, but civil discourse is required. Similarly, please be mindful that you tweet as an individual, not as the representative of a company or organisation; this account is not to be used for marketing but for your own thoughts and opinions.

We appreciate your contribution and your willingness to keep it real!