Claire Tanaka

Hi everyone! My name is Claire Tanaka and I’m originally from British Columbia, Canada, and now I live in Japan. Specifically I live in Tokushima, on the island of Shikoku. Shikoku is not as densely populated as the rest of Japan, and it is getting more well-known lately for its 88 temple pilgrimage. I think a lot of people, both Japanese and non-, come to Shikoku to get closer to nature and maybe do a little soul searching.
I moved here in 2003 after I graduated from University of Victoria with a degree in Japanese Studies. I worked at the local government office in the international affairs department for four years, during which time I got married to a local guy and had a baby. Now I work freelance mainly as a translator and I am a ballet mom, which is kind of like a soccer mom except with more sewing. During my week on the rocur I will try to give a window into my everyday life here and show some of the things that makes Tokushima a nice place to live!

Nianne-Lynn Hendricks

Namaste! My name is Nianne-Lynn Hendricks (just like the gin!) and I’m an Indian with Anglo roots living in Bangkok, Thailand, since 2001.

I am a journalist by profession and work for Thailand’s leading English-language newspaper. I am known as the “mayor” of East Bangkok and sometimes referred to as “hot chocolate” by my friends. (Go figure!)

I used to co-own one of Bangkok’s Top Tables, Seven Spoons, until January this year and food is a major part of my life, as you are about to find out. I am in my element in the kitchen and among chefs. A certified Swedophile, I am a lover of all things Viking.

Larger than life and often “too bold” for an Indian woman, I am coming at you all week. So saddle up and enjoy the ride!

Twitter: @niannelynn
Instagram: @niannelynn

Mahua Cavanagh

Hello from Nairobi!

I’m a New Yorker and a User Experience Strategist and Designer. My husband and I have moved to Nairobi for his UN job. We plan to be in Nairobi for at least a few years (6 total – more if we can). After two years here so far, we’ve fallen in love with Kenya. It’s an amazing country and Nairobi is really fun city.

This week, as I curate the expat-account, you’ll get a view of my day to day life…and…our first week with our new dog, Oreo. We just (like last Friday) adopted her. She is our first dog in Kenya. I’m sure she and I will have many adventure to share with you!

If you like what I’m tweeting, you can check out my my blog: That is where you can read about our adventures (and maybe a few misadventures), life as an expat in Nairobi, and maybe even some helpful tips.

You can also find me on:
@nyc2nairobi on Twitter
curriedpotato on Instagram
nyc2nairobi on YouTube

Jarad Carleton

Hello everyone, I’m Jarad Carleton and I live in Austria.

I’m an American, but I identify more with being a native born Californian from the San Francisco Bay Area. If you’ve never been there, the San Francisco Bay Area is a megalopolis surrounding 3 distinct bays (San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun). The population for the megalopolis is approximately 8.7 million people.

I’m married to an Austrian that had lived in the USA for 25+ years and in 2014 we moved from Berkeley, CA (a.k.a. Berzerkeley, a.k.a. the People’s Republic of Berkeley) to her home village of Uttendorf im Pinzgau (Salzburgland), Austria for family. We moved from a megalopolis of ~8.7 million inhabitants to a nation of ~8.6 million. Our village has 2,800 inhabitants and is part of the National Park Hohe Tauern region – the largest national park in Central Europe. Our region is the Pinzgau, one of 6 administrative areas (5 “gau’s” and the city of Salzburg).

For anyone that is “geographically challenged,” we tell them there are no Kangaroos in Austria.
I’m a market intelligence consultant at a global market research consultancy with 45+ offices around the world, have been with the same company for 17+ years, and work in the area of cybersecurity market research. Despite where I live, I have far better telecommunication and transportation infrastructure than in the SF Bay Area (no kidding).

I’m a Netflix and Amazon Prime junkie who also enjoys snow skiing, occasional hikes to farmer’s Alm’s for a great meal & a liter of beer, organic gardening, and our 6 cats (2 Siamese flame point mix that came with us from the USA, 2 adopted wild cats from the village that we have since tamed, and 2 Maine Coons we adopted after someone in the village died).

I speak English, Spanish, and my German is a work in progress & for those in the know about the Pinzgau, I do not and may never speak the local dialect – Pinzgauerisch, but I know a phrase or two – “Wos Sogga?”

Matilda M.

Hello! My name is Matilda, and I’m a Finn living in Sweden since 2015.

I am a classical musician by profession, and since graduating 2012 I have been freelancing around the Nordics. Being a freelancer can be a little stressful though, so when I won an audition for a permanent position at an orchestra I was more than happy to take the leap. Sweden is not so far from my country of origin after all.. or so I thought! My journey so far has been interesting to say the least. (:

This coming week of curating the expat-account I will give you the opportunity to get a glimpse behind the scenes at an opera house, as well as what goes on in the crazy housing market of Sweden, as I take you with me apartment hunting. Nu kör vi!

Kylie Neuhaus

Hi everyone!  I’m Kylie, a British girl with an American husband, living in Iowa, USA!  I’ve just reached my 1 year expat anniversary!  We met while both on vacation in Jamaica back in early 2014.  Now I’m in the States, by day I work in an elementary school with the Pre-K kids and by night I’m an expat travel writer!  I blog about expat life, the USA Green Card process and my worldwide adventures (I get 11 weeks off in the summer to travel and visit home!)

Robynne Tindall

Hi, I’m Robynne and I’m a Brit living in Beijing. I moved here in 2011 after graduating from university with a degree in Chinese studies (i.e. Mandarin language). At the time I was struggling to find decent jobs in the UK that incorporated Chinese language, so I decided to try out my skills in their country of origin! Six years on, I’m still living it up in this crazy city.

I am currently a freelance writer, translator, and marketing and pr consultant (a very long title to fit on a business card!). The majority of my time is spent working for one of Beijing’s biggest English-language magazines/websites, the Beijinger. There, I blog about food, travel, and health and also act as the manager of their content marketing department. Outside of the Beijinger, I work with a number of food and travel brands to help them create engaging content and write inspiring articles about Beijing and beyond. 

I’ve lived abroad a couple of times in the past, including a year working in Chennai, India, when I was 18 and a year at university in Nanjing, China, as part of my degree. Both are cities I’d heartily recommend!

Twitter: @gongbaobeijing
Instagram: @gongbaobeijing

Benjamin Dunn

Greetings from Singapore, where the weather is hot and wet one day and hotter and wetter the next. I moved to this island paradise 11 years ago thinking it would be a short stay for a year or two before continuing on to Hong Kong or London. I worked in finance then, but now I work for myself—that is when not chasing around my two imps of daughters!

Originally from Melbourne, we’ve settled into life on the little red dot and love the opportunities it has provided. Given I’m still proudly Australian you can expect plenty of tweets about sport and fun, and given it’s Singapore’s Birthday this week I might even live-tweet the National Day parade!

Rafaela Goomy

Hello world, my name is Goomy. I am a product designer and illustrator from Brazil and my expat life started when I was a few months old. I left Brazil to go to Venezuela and Argentina and only returned when I was 11 years old. The concept of home has always been slightly skewed for me, since I didn’t experience the whole ‘born and raised’ lifestyle most people do. Right now, I live in Tokyo. I first came to Japan in 2012 for a year of foreign exchange and I decided to come back after graduating. I came here with my husband when I won a scholarship from the government to carry out my research regarding prosthetic limbs. It has been a very exhilarating experience, but not for the faint of heart. Moving by yourself is completely different from bringing your family and it is something I only really learned once I experienced it. My husband is of the born-and-raised variety, so his experience moving was completely different from mine and everything was very new for him. We’ve both had an interest in Japan when we were younger, but I started learning the language while I was in Brazil and I had already visited the country, so it was more familiar to me once I arrived.

I do my research in an interdisciplinary lab in the University of Tokyo. It is the type of structure that is very hard to find in Brazil, with all it’s high quality machinery and generous funding that quench the thirst for knowledge that all the members seem to have. It is an privilege to work with my labmates and to be oriented by my Professor and it is very sad to think that my time here will be coming to an end soon, but I am already thinking of where I will take my adventure to next. The good thing about being a designer is that it is very global!

I recently started an Instagram and Twitter account for my art, so give me a follow if you’re interested!