Cath Gardner

Hi – I’m Cath Gardner – a Brit currently living in The Hague, Netherlands, with my husband and teenage daughter.
I have lived abroad previously, when I was a student of modern languages, but life as an expat is quite a different experience! We have been in ‘Den Haag’ a year now and are due to stay for at least one more. My husband was offered the opportunity to work here and so we decided that it would be a great experience for us all.
Initially we were concerned that this was a ‘big ask’ for our daughter, having grown up in a small market town in Herefordshire and then moving to an international city. Our fears were soon allayed, as she settled and made friends quicker than we anticipated.
The Hague is a vibrant, friendly, multicultural city and we are taking advantage of the variety of cultural, historical and culinary experiences on offer! I have a voluntary position with The Expatriate Archive Centre and am taking a course in puppetry at the local theatre. I have also taken a beginners’ Dutch language course and a storytelling workshop.
During my week as curator, I aim to include some interesting photos and tweets on visits to Amsterdam and Leiden as well as on the lovely area where I live.

Bonnie Wims

I’m Dr. Bonnie Wims, a UK Chartered Psychologist, a former expat and now a re-pat!  I specialize in online therapy with the expat community around issues of anxiety, isolation, and all of the challenges living away from “home” can bring.
I am originally from Denver, Colorado but currently live in Boston, Massachusetts.  I lived in London, England for 7 years and although I have no regrets, there were many moments where I felt sad, and wondered why I wasn’t enjoying the adventure more.  The experience taught me a lot about myself and what I am capable of. With therapeutic support I began to understand the urge to isolate in this new country and I was able to challenge myself to develop new ways of being “Bonnie”.
Moving back to Boston after living in London was in some ways even more challenging as I had an expectation of “fitting in” to a place I used to live.  Once again I felt out of sync with my surroundings and once again I had to reach for new supports to assist me in this change.  Over all I believe I have grown as a person through this process and I hope to help others do the same.  I have a passion for helping others to not only survive being an expat or a re-pat, but to thrive!

Matt Parker

Hey, I’m Matt. Born and raised in the state of Arkansas, I didn’t leave the United States for the first time until I was 22. Now I’m 28 and I’m currently living in Guangzhou, China as an English language educator. This is my third year living in Guangzhou and fifth year living in China.

I’ve primarily worked for universities since being in China. Over the past 1.5 years I’ve been working at Guangzhou Medical University, teaching doctors as well as undergraduate and graduate students oral English, conference presentation skills, and research writing.

Growing up in rural America and then moving to the most populous country in the World was a major shock and cultural change but since moving to China’s third largest city I’ve definitely learned to love the city life.

I love food, sports, travel, Starbucks, exploring, and Instagram, which you can find me under this username (parkermatt21).

Flor Garcia


Hi! I’m a Venezuelan language trainer (Spanish and English) that moved to the United States 16 years ago following the love of my life. I’m raising three global children and encouraging other immigrant and high-mobile families to embrace live overseas.

In 2014 I moved to Germany with my husband and kids, and since then I’ve been committed to bring my heritage and language to my new town while learning and absorbing the diversity found in Europe. I created Little Nómadas as a tool to reach people around the world and to keep in touch with multicultural families.

Molly Quell

I’m Molly, an American journalist currently based in the Netherlands. I moved around a lot before landing in the Netherlands six years ago, It wasn’t my plan to stay, but, as they say, love happens.
I split my time between the Technical University of Delft, where I work as a science communicator and working as a contributing editor at Dutch News, the country’s largest English-language news service. I live in the very adorable town of Delft, with my partner and our adorable dog. He even as an Instagram account.
During the upcoming week, the Netherlands is hosting local elections, so I’ll be talking a lot about local politics. And probably be posting lots of dog photos.

Kristina Manente

Hi ya!
My name is Kristina and I have a travel problem. I’ve been an expat in one way or another for the past nine years. I caught the travel bug on my first trip out of the country to Barcelona and I just can’t seem to stop. There is simply just too much of the world to see, staying in one place is such a waste!
My first real stint abroad was my junior year of college when I went to London. I fell in love with the city so much, but even more so, I fell in love with how easy it was to get everywhere in Europe from here (and how cheaply!). I went to a half dozen countries in just my four months in London and knew that travel was my one true love. I followed that with five weeks in Israel on an archaeological dig, a year in a fishing village in Japan teaching English with the JET Programme, three years in London doing my MA, and am now approaching my second year in Seoul, South Korea. I had some stints in the USA in between, but it’s now a running joke that I can’t last more than six months in the US before heading off again. I can’t help it, it’s a compulsion.
My grandest adventure abroad was the Mongol Rally, where I drove 10,000 miles for charity from London to Ulaanbaatar. That’s where my travel blog and everything came from. I enjoy writing about places, experiences, and sharing the world with those who may not be able to get out there themselves. And all with a nerdy twist, but I am a full grade dweeb. In order to travel I work a lot and save, or I teach abroad. Hoping to become eventually location independent one way or another! That’s the dream.
You can follow my travels on Instagram and Twitter at @nerdventurists and at You can personally stalk me at @CurlyFourEyes

Trish Brice

I’m almost 40, married and have one daughter and two dogs. I was born and grew up in New Zealand and begun travelling and living abroad in my early 20s. Most recently I lived in Singapore for 2.5 years before returning home to NZ for 3 months, and then it’s back to Melbourne, Australia where we will “pick up” again after 7 years prior to Singapore.
I am a qualified town planner who dabbles in design, weaving, photography, anything crafty! I love to travel.

Pamela Koselig

Hola everybody!

My name is Pamela, a 29 year-old Mexican girl who has been living in Norway for the last 6 years.

Since I was very little I saw on TV a documentary about the Northern Lights and I immediately fell in love with them, I became very curious about the Nordic countries thanks to that.

For many years I searched around to find an opportunity to study abroad, and before I finished my College degree I found that my University had an agreement with a University in Norway.

I decided to apply and without telling anyone I took the admission exam, many weeks later I got a phone call “Pamela, you passed the exam with very good results and you will have an scholarship… “, imagine the face of my mother when I told her “Mom, I am going to Norway”.

So yeah, I came to Norway to study a double-degree Master program, and I stayed because I got married with a wonderful Norwegian guy 🙂

During the process of looking for information to come to Norway I realized there’s no much out there in Spanish, and I thought it could be nice to do something about it, so in 2016 I decided to start making videos and creating content about Norway in Spanish, and that’s how my project “Pame Koselig” (a mix between my name “Pame” and “Koselig” a very Norwegian word that can’t be translated but that represents the feelings of well-being and comfort) started.

I am a postcard collector, I have a bit over 700 postcards from around the world! And I also collect everything related with “Alice in Wonderland”.

I love traveling, pen-palling, listening to music, going to concerts, doing DIYs and handcrafts, playing video games, reading, and taking pictures.

I hope my week in @WeAreXpats can provide you with a window to our life and our experiences.

You can find me in Instagram and Twitter: @Pame_Koselig

Tamar Godel

Hi, I’m Tamar!

I was born and raised in the US, just outside Philadelphia, PA. My mother lived in Israel for about fifteen years, and my Israeli father has been in the US for going on thirty years, and though we didn’t travel much as a family (it’s hard with four kids!), they always encouraged us to keep our passports updated and explore the world.

My passion is teaching, so the minute I graduated with my teaching certification I hightailed it to Seoul, South Korea, where I teach English. I was here for nearly two years, and then left for six months – two in Europe and four back home. Now I’m back in smoggy, lovely Seoul for (hopefully!) a few more years. I don’t intend to be a permanent resident here (or anywhere), so I see myself more as an expat than an immigrant, but who knows what the future brings!
I was working with preschoolers while I was back in the US, so my current focus is making my travels accessible and comprehensible to very young people. Hopefully many of my posts will be things you can share with your children!

Summer Rylander

Hi everyone, I’m Summer!
I’m a 30-something from the U.S. (Oregon and South Carolina, if you’re curious), and I’ve been living in Nuremberg since late 2015. I’m married to a Swedish guy who works for a German company, which is how I ended up here in the charming region of Franconia.
I’m currently freelancing as a writer, English teacher, and occasional dog-walker. My greatest interests are travel and food/cooking, so I’m usually daydreaming about going somewhere or cooking something. I love reading, the outdoors, good coffee, hoppy beer, and tooling around on the internet.
Curating WeAreXpats is an exciting opportunity to delve into the concept of what it means to be an expat. Learning the language, finding a job, making new friends, the sometimes-quirky differences between the U.S. and Germany—I can’t wait to talk about all of it with our great little Twitter community!