Creatrix Tiara

Immigration is the core (and the bane) of my existence. I was born & raised in Malaysia of Bangladeshi parents, but didn’t get Malaysian citizenship until my 26th birthday. I’ve also lived in Brisbane, Australia and the San Francisco Bay Area, USA and am currently based in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve also been traveling my whole life – most of it on a Bangladeshi passport that required all the most difficult visas ever.

I’m a writer, performance artist, producer, and activist. Most of my work has to do with liminality and being “in-between”. My current main project is Queer Lady Magician, an autobiographical magic & storytelling show where I revisit my childhood love of magic with a social justice lens and a strong case of impostor syndrome.

Trisha Carter

Hi –  I’m Trisha Carter

I’m an Organisational Psychologist based in Sydney, Australia.  My expat / immigrant life began with a move from my home country of New Zealand to Perth, Australia for two years with my engineering husband and one child, then on to Hefei in China with husband and two children for three years.  Then we moved to Sydney Australia where we have stayed and become citizens.

I founded my business here where I work with organisations consulting, training and coaching.  The focus of our services is on building cultural intelligence, inclusion and diversity and managing transitions well.

My two (now adult) children still live with the engineer and me, but the rest of our extended families are all in New Zealand.

So where is home? It’s an interesting question.


Marisa Miller


I am Marisa, an ex-pat from Wisconsin, USA living with my husband and 2 sons in Kassel, Germany. We moved here one month ago for my husband’s work at a solar energy company after visiting for in 2017 for 3 months. I knew immediately when we went back to the US that I wanted to move to Germany, permanently. It is beautiful and full of the old (castles) and the new (wind turbines and solar arrays). The attitude of the people regarding conservation, sustainability and renewable energy is inspiring and as a former chef, the quality and cost of food is astonishing to me.

My favorite activities are going to all the zip-line parks with my boys, swimming in the miraculous thermal baths, and taking road trips with the family, making them stop at all abandoned stone houses so I can peer inside and imagine what life was like in another time.

I am @onlyonemarisa on Twitter and @marisaleemiller on Insta J


Stephanie Fuccio

Hi everyone,

I am an American who has been living overseas for the majority of the past 14 years. Since moving to Asia in 2003, I have lived in Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan and am now in Shanghai, China with my wonderful husband (because it makes sense to move to Vietnam to meet and marry another American, right?) Shanghai is often under the radar for most folks because of the misunderstood information that is generally shared by the media about China as a whole. I hope to show you some different sides of Shanghai this week.

I love coffee, long walks while listening to audiobooks, and art in many visual forms, so expect to see plenty of these things during my curation week as well. I look forward to your questions, comments and feedback on my tweets, before and after this week of curation.

I will also inevitably share what I am working on with my 3 passion projects:

  1. Armchair Expat podcast: a podcast with two purposes, reviewing expat and geopat creative projects AND doing some light research into what people outside the community are writing about our crazy lives overseas

  2. Expat Rewind podcast: where expats and geopats read something they shared online about their first year experience in a country and then reflect out loud about it thus demystifying the leap to living overseas and showing folks that it really does get easier after that pesky first year.

  3. Changing Scripts YouTube channel: a language learning vlog where I chronicle the process of learning to read simplified Mandarin Chinese

Tasha Swinney

Hello, my name is Tasha. I’m originally from Seattle, Washington USA but presently I’m a grad student living in Germany and studying English literature and literary theory.

My journey to Europe actually begin when I moved from Seattle to South Korea about five years ago to work as a kindergarten teacher. I lived in South Korea for one year and after that I moved to a rural university in China, not too far from Hong Kong. I was an ESL teacher there in rural subtropical China for three years. I was lucky while I was living in China to be given a chance to teach English literature there at the university, despite the fact that I only held a Bachelor’s degree in English literature and not a Master’s degree. I really fell in love with my job as an English literature teacher but I also realized that if I wanted to work at a university long-term I would need to get an MA, which is what brought me to Germany.

So, this is my fifth year living abroad and my first year living in Europe. My hobbies include photography (analog and digital), cooking, and naturally as with every other expat I enjoy exploring new cities and getting lost.

I’m happy to meet everybody here and share a little about my experiences as an expat!

Audrey Tolbert

Hi, I’m Audrey!

I’m originally from a small town outside of Baltimore, MD in the US but now live in lovely Amsterdam, Netherlands. My first expat experiences came in college when I studied abroad for a full year, splitting my semesters between Poitiers, France and Rome, Italy. After college I moved to NYC where I started my career in tech and eventually met my Dutch boyfriend.

After dating long-distance for a while (and giving Delta/KLM all of our money), I decided to make the leap over to Europe to live the true expat life. I currently work as a Senior Product Marketer at Poki, an online gaming platform for kids of all ages. Outside of work, I spend my time going to spin class (I’m obsessed), learning Dutch, eating lots of bitterballen and drinking fantastic Dutch beers, preferably on a rooftop or on a boat during the summer months. The city of Amsterdam fits me like a glove; I love meeting people from all around the world, riding my bike everywhere I go, and being able to travel so easily in and around Europe.
You can follow more about my life and adventures on Twitter and Instagram at @atolbs.

Cath Gardner

Hi – I’m Cath Gardner – a Brit currently living in The Hague, Netherlands, with my husband and teenage daughter.
I have lived abroad previously, when I was a student of modern languages, but life as an expat is quite a different experience! We have been in ‘Den Haag’ a year now and are due to stay for at least one more. My husband was offered the opportunity to work here and so we decided that it would be a great experience for us all.
Initially we were concerned that this was a ‘big ask’ for our daughter, having grown up in a small market town in Herefordshire and then moving to an international city. Our fears were soon allayed, as she settled and made friends quicker than we anticipated.
The Hague is a vibrant, friendly, multicultural city and we are taking advantage of the variety of cultural, historical and culinary experiences on offer! I have a voluntary position with The Expatriate Archive Centre and am taking a course in puppetry at the local theatre. I have also taken a beginners’ Dutch language course and a storytelling workshop.
During my week as curator, I aim to include some interesting photos and tweets on visits to Amsterdam and Leiden as well as on the lovely area where I live.

Bonnie Wims

I’m Dr. Bonnie Wims, a UK Chartered Psychologist, a former expat and now a re-pat!  I specialize in online therapy with the expat community around issues of anxiety, isolation, and all of the challenges living away from “home” can bring.
I am originally from Denver, Colorado but currently live in Boston, Massachusetts.  I lived in London, England for 7 years and although I have no regrets, there were many moments where I felt sad, and wondered why I wasn’t enjoying the adventure more.  The experience taught me a lot about myself and what I am capable of. With therapeutic support I began to understand the urge to isolate in this new country and I was able to challenge myself to develop new ways of being “Bonnie”.
Moving back to Boston after living in London was in some ways even more challenging as I had an expectation of “fitting in” to a place I used to live.  Once again I felt out of sync with my surroundings and once again I had to reach for new supports to assist me in this change.  Over all I believe I have grown as a person through this process and I hope to help others do the same.  I have a passion for helping others to not only survive being an expat or a re-pat, but to thrive!

Matt Parker

Hey, I’m Matt. Born and raised in the state of Arkansas, I didn’t leave the United States for the first time until I was 22. Now I’m 28 and I’m currently living in Guangzhou, China as an English language educator. This is my third year living in Guangzhou and fifth year living in China.

I’ve primarily worked for universities since being in China. Over the past 1.5 years I’ve been working at Guangzhou Medical University, teaching doctors as well as undergraduate and graduate students oral English, conference presentation skills, and research writing.

Growing up in rural America and then moving to the most populous country in the World was a major shock and cultural change but since moving to China’s third largest city I’ve definitely learned to love the city life.

I love food, sports, travel, Starbucks, exploring, and Instagram, which you can find me under this username (parkermatt21).

Flor Garcia


Hi! I’m a Venezuelan language trainer (Spanish and English) that moved to the United States 16 years ago following the love of my life. I’m raising three global children and encouraging other immigrant and high-mobile families to embrace live overseas.

In 2014 I moved to Germany with my husband and kids, and since then I’ve been committed to bring my heritage and language to my new town while learning and absorbing the diversity found in Europe. I created Little Nómadas as a tool to reach people around the world and to keep in touch with multicultural families.