Keira Ashley

Hi there! My name is Keira and I’m an Australian girl living in Tokyo, Japan. I moved to Tokyo in January 2017 after visiting twice in the years before (2015 & 2016). I grew up living in the country in Australia, so the intense Tokyo city life was a big change for me.

I am currently working as an English Teacher both privately and at a school. I also do Modeling and Acting here in Tokyo. It may not be something I 100% love but it gives me the opportunity to live abroad.

I have also previously travelled to Fiji, London, Scotland & Paris. For now my heart lies in Tokyo, but I hope to relocate to the UK within the next two years. I also want to travel to see more of Europe and East Asia.

I sometimes make YouTube videos which is more of a hobby than a job, please feel free to subscribe to see more about my life here in Tokyo!

I also have a travel ig account:

Shmuli Evers

Hi, I’m Shmuli. I’m born in the same city as Piet Mondriaan, a city in the center of Netherlands, Amersfoort. Son of a Rabbi, I grew up in a large family where most of my siblings and my parents hold positions in education (I have done 3 month), but we also have some working in catering and real estate, and then there is me, doing graphic design by day and photography in the evenings.

I left home at the age of 16, spending two years in France, 2 years in Israel, 2 years in USA (NYC & Buffalo) and 1 year in Pretoria, South Africa where I received my Rabbinic ordination.

I taught Hebrew studies in Amsterdam for 3 month and moved on to NYC to work for a photographer. While there I met my wife in Philadelphia, got married in London (where she is from) and moved back to live in Brooklyn, that we have now called home for over 12 years with our 3 sons.

Hannah Hyde

My name is Hannah Hyde and I am an American currently living in the suburbs of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I moved here in October 2016 to work as an au pair during a gap year before I return to pursue a Masters degree in fall 2017.

I’ve lived in Texas, Florida, and California, but spent the majority of my life in Nashville, TN. After being privileged to travel within Europe several times during my teenage years, I knew I wanted to live abroad. I spent a semester in London in Spring 2012 getting a taste of what living in another country and culture was like.

I’ve loved living in the Netherlands and being able to explore a new country and learn bits of a new language. I’m nowhere near fluent in Dutch, but I’m pretty spoiled that the majority of people here speak English quite well. I love where I live because I can easily access the modern city of Rotterdam, the more historic cities like Den Haag (The Hague) and Delft, and the beach town of Scheveningen all in under an hour.

I’ve been blogging since Xanga, LiveJournal, and MySpace were happening, but these days you can find me blogging on Involuntary Adulthood – the blog I run with one of my best friends about everything to do with being an adult – from cooking to travel to relationships.

Feel free to follow my personal or blog social media accounts:

Twitter: hchyde
Instagram: thehannahch

Twitter: @InAdulthood
Instagram: @InvoluntaryAdulthood

Evelyn Gruber

Hi there, my name is Evelyn Gruber and I am an Austrian living in London. I moved to London in pursuit of a high-flying career, but realised that there is more to life than investment banking and am now working in local government, teaching German on weekends, volunteering as Justice of the Peace and loving it.

I have a young teenage daughter who is lucky enough to have been brought up in a vibrant city with open minded views of the world. She combines her Asian heritage from her dad with my Austrian roots whilst finding her own identity as a “London teen”.

My family and a big part of my heart is in Austria and I am lucky to be able to call two countries my “home” – ubi bene  ibi patria – for the time being – until I decide to pack my bags and go…

Tessa Approves

My name is Tessa and I’m an American living in Görlitz, Germany.

I grew up in California and Arizona, where I met my German husband while he was studying abroad at my university. He hinted that I should start taking German classes and the next thing I knew I was moving to Dresden with him.

We made a lot of mistakes during those two years and ultimately returned to the US because I had trouble adapting to life in Germany. But this time around I feel that we’ve learned from these mistakes and I’m a lot better equipped. I’ve become more fluent in German and even began teaching it at my university back home.

Since December 2016 I’ve been settling in as well as exploring & falling in love with my new home. Before I’m through, I’ll have you planning your own trip to Görlitz!

Twitter: @tessaapproves


Steven Thompson

Steven Thompson grew up in Florida in the United States, always looking to be on the move. After graduating with a degree in English that focused on linguistics and fiction, he moved to Fukushima, Japan, for 5 years to teach and travel. While teaching, he also ran a magazine for ex-pats, organized snowboarding trips and blood-drive events for other ex-pats in his area, and did writing and translation to help people connect to new experiences in a foreign culture. He is currently married to his wife Xan, a New Zealand citizen, whom he met while they were working together in Fukushima.

After Japan, they moved to the “coolest little capital city” of Wellington, New Zealand so his wife could work with the Embassy of Japan there. When not being a happy house-husband, Steven now freelances with international clients on various writing, editing, and translation projects, most recently for the Japanese restaurant review site Hot Pepper. In their downtime, Steven and Xan explore the lively food, drink, and art scenes that Wellington has to offer, while also staying connected to Japan and other cultures.

He doesn’t blog, but does occasionally remember to put photos on Instagram or thoughts on Twitter as @distantshores.

Monica Perez Vega

I’m Monica Perez Vega and am originally from California, USA.  I am an artist and shortly after receiving my BFA from the California College of the Arts, I faced a crossroads and had to choose between my career or my partner.  I chose the latter and abandoned my plans to take a risk into the unknown, which involved moving to a new country.  After a wedding in Mexico and a winter in Canada, I arrived to Amsterdam six months pregnant with my cat and my cankles in tow.

After having a child in 2007 and trailing her with a camera for a year, I went on to teach Visual Arts and Design Technology at the International School of Hilversum for five years. I then co-operated art space, Studio 30a. Then in 2016, I designed the ‘Make a Scene Stamp Kits’ and co-founded ‘Hiraeth Magazine.’

After 10 years in beautiful Amsterdam, I have moved to London, where I continue my studio practice and produce a podcast about migration for Hiraeth Magazine.  While my life has been an unexpected adventure, it’s always been a goal to pursue my MFA, and I’m very excited that I’ve been accepted to the Slade School of Fine Art here in London and will begin my studies in Fall 2017.

Elizabeth Briel

Sketching a mural late at night, Beijing (2015)

Elizabeth Briel left the US in 2003 to explore the Asia-Pacific, hasn’t returned yet, and is in the early stages of immigrating to Hong Kong (year one of seven for Permanent Residency). Previous homes have included Australia, Cambodia, Thailand, Italy, France, Mainland China, and Korea.

She is currently artist-in-residence for an educational foundation in Hong Kong. At the heart of her artwork are experiments with multiple layers of meaning in the interactions between material culture, text, language, and cultural collisions.

You can find her work here:
and on Twitter: @ArtMaterialist
and Instagram: @ebrielart

Dave dV

Having grown up and lived in a dozen countries, Dave is as TCK as they come. Places he has inhabited so far include, in order of duration: the UK, Tokyo, Paris, San Francisco, Kyoto, Berlin & a few more exotic locales buried in distant childhood memories…

Having first set foot and explored Japan on-and-off for a few years in the early 2000s, Dave came back 8 years ago to Kyoto as a postgrad student, then moved to Tokyo, where he has been living ever since. He now works in “Bioinformatics” (mainly Machine Learning applied to genomics), sharing his time between academic research and industry ventures. In practice, this translates to spending the major share of his time staring at computer screens or presentation slides, but “working on a cancer cure” is his preferred way to introduce himself at cocktail parties.

He thankfully refrains from posting about any of the above on his Twitter account, which instead features random cultural tidbits, snaps of humorous encounters throughout his daily life, pictures of his cats, and the occasional profanity-laden political tweet.

Dave is still not sure about the whole ‘expat’ label thing, as it implies some strong sense of being temporary removed from one’s dearly missed country, whereas he does not have any specific plans to “go back” somewhere eventually (even more so, in light of the recent attempt at a countrywide mass-suicide known as ‘Brexit’).

He is also starting to have doubts about that whole talking-in-the-third-person thing, but feels it might be too late to go back on that one.

Tim Duckett

Raised in the far north west of England, Tim is a software engineer who now lives in Berlin with his wife Lucy and two dogs. He works for the digital arm of a management consultancy firm, where he runs the mobile team.
Once their kids were grown up, he and Lucy left home to start what turned out to be bit of a semi-nomadic life around Europe – three cities, three houses and three moves later, they fetched up in Berlin after stints in Switzerland and the south west of Germany. They’ve been here two years now, and this is where they’re stopping.
Outside of work, he wrangles the two dogs, tweets as @timduckett, attempts to slowly improve his German, and gets very annoyed about the impending idiocy that is Brexit.