Lisa Liang

Hi, I’m Lisa. I was raised in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Morocco, Egypt, and Connecticut as a Guatemalan-American business brat of Chinese-Spanish-Irish-French-German-English descent. 

I’m based in Los Angeles and work as an actress in theatre, television, and English- and Spanish-language films. Alien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey, my one-woman show about growing up as a multiracial TCK/Global Nomad, toured on four continents and is now a film on DVD and HD (streamable). I’m also a published essayist; have a blog about creating and touring a solo show; and for three years I wrote the column “TCK Talent” for I’m also the co-host of the longest-running podcast on the multiracial and TCK experiences, “Hapa Happy Hour.”

I have a workshop on writing one’s intercultural solo show, memoir, or personal essay, which I’ve lead at colleges/universities, conferences, and in private lessons in L.A. and via Skype with participants all over the world. I’m honored to be curating @WeAreXpats this week.

Ruth Terry

Hi! My name is Ruth and I’m a freelance writer who writes about the arts, race, identity, food, and travel. Home base is Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A., but I currently reside in Istanbul, Turkey. I enjoy exploring the city’s Old Town, taking the ferry down the Bosphorus, and sipping çay, well, anywhere and everywhere. Piping hot black tea with a sugar cube is ubiquitous and unavoidable aspect of Turkish culture. I also love just gazing out my window in Europe across the Bosphorus to Asia. (Istanbul is the only city situated on two continents.)

Living in a city with such extensive history, architecture, and art is truly a privilege. That being said, after eight years living outside the U.S., I’ve definitely started to feel the lack of representation within the expat community, which tends to be composed of people who are white, straight, and binary, with passport privilege and affluent backgrounds.

And so I’ve been trying to increase the diversity of my experience as an expat, and as a person living in a more racially/ethnically homogenous place than my home country. I can’t wait to show you my adopted city and the diversity of people and places I’ve found here!


Hello, this is Paola, a mother of two living in the capital area of Finland. I am a full-time professional with a tech job I like, and an enthusiastic geeky mom. Our clan includes my husband and me, our daughter R. (b. 2013) and our son E. (b. 2015, joined us through international adoption in 2017).

Our family is a hot mess of cultures, a blend of Italian, Finnish, and Indian. I like to write about adoption, multicultural families, bilingualism, and much more of the parenting world – find me here at

We live in the beautiful natural wonder that is Finland, the forest starting just outside our doorstep.

Em in Georgia

Hi! I’m Em. I grew up in a small Midwestern (USA) town, and ventured to a Small Liberal Arts College outside Boston for my BA where I started studying Russian because the alphabet was pretty.  I majored in Political Science and Russian, and had the opportunity to travel to Russia twice–once to Siberia, and once to Moscow.  I spent my junior year abroad in London studying politics and history and enjoying life in London. I was interning in DC when the August 2008 War broke out, and I started to become interested in Georgia; another seed of interest was dropped in my anthropology class when I heard about the archeological site at Dmanisi. I was sold on Georgia when I saw how pretty the Georgian alphabet is (do you see a trend here?).  I decided to go to grad school back in the Midwest in a tiny program within a gigantic state university, where I focused on post-Communist politics and learned Georgian and Russian.  During grad school, I had a fantastic summer working in Tbilisi. 

After graduation I moved down to the Southwest with my parents, where I complained about the weather, read lots of YA novels, taught Russian lessons, and worked retail until I could return to Georgia. I’ve now been in Georgia for seven and a half years, teaching English (primarily to adults) and editing and a touch of writing. My first semester as an English teacher was spent in a town in the Kakheti region.  Since then I have worked in Tbilisi, and enjoy exploring Tbilisi and the rest of Georgia when I have time. I recently married a Georgian man, and am getting used to being part of a Georgian family.

Annick Eisele

I am Annick. I was born and bred in the charming city of Strasbourg, The idea of spending some time living abroad came as a teenager when the main character of a French series for teenager I was watching was sent to study in Los Angeles when the actress needed time for her own studies. Later, I also met several people who went abroad with the Erasmus program. At first I was considering Wales, Iceland and Finland, but in the end I decided to go outside of the EU at the University of Saskatchewan (such a cool name)in the middle of Canada.

The summer after coming back, I went on a trip to Ireland where I met some Australians on a working holiday. I’ve looked into the scheme and applied for an Australian WHV which was granted in a matter of minutes. I’ve almost toured the whole country, except for the Golden Coast and the Red Centre. I then came back to France for a year and a half before going to Leeds in the UK in 2008. Leeds was for from a success for me some me, so I moved to London in 2009 where I’ve been since working in different job, but mostly as a translator/content writer. After 10 years in London, I’ve decided to come back home in Strasbourg at the end of the month – and no, it’s not because of Brexit.

Deirdre Slevin

Hi, I’m Deirdre (Dee) of Irish nationality and living in Cologne, Germany. I moved from Dublin in the noughties, worked in localization for a wee while before switching to teaching English, which is my passion today. This summer, I’m planning on hitting the open-air pools, catching up on reading for pleasure and chilling as far as the heat allows. I also have a to-do list, but that can wait!

Although, almost forgot, I’ve registered for a half-marathon in Sept. It’ll be my first, so I’m planning on training hard any day now … I kinda fancy myself as a foodie, so enjoy stocking up on calories to be burned – later. Looking forward to sharing and exchanging ideas here on WeAreExpats!

Twitter: @deeserso

Instagram: deirdre_slevin_trainer

Amanda Walkins

Hi all! I’m Amanda Walkins, a serial expat and full-time freelance content writer. Originally from the Boston area in the US, I have lived in several other countries, most recently Roatan (Honduras), Malta, Northern Spain, and Edinburgh (Scotland). Scotland has been my expat home off-and-on since 2015 and I’ve grown to love this beautiful country in that time! I love showing it off to tourists and helping future expats figure out their journeys here. I’ll be sharing lots of the reasons why I love Scotland during my RoCur week!

As a freelance writer, I also have fantastic flexibility to travel as much as I want. I do so through house and pet sitting, primarily, while also enjoying visiting my friends and family in other countries. I’ve been very lucky to have some incredible experiences since I left the US back in 2012. I share lots of them on my website – feel free to come along for this crazy expat ride! I’m also in all the usual spots, where I’d be happy to have you join me:

Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest:

Stewart Mitchell

My name is Stewart. I was born in England and now live in Japan. For a lot of my life I had an interest in Japanese culture, mostly through gaming and animation. I was very content with my life in England and probably would have never took the plunge to move. It would have always been a “bucket list” idea, but that all changed when I met my wife whilst working in England. We now live together in Japan with 2 children and I have now got the chance to live a dream that I didn’t think would have been possible. 

My aim is now to convince people to take the risk and make the move, to not just pontificate, but to go out an experience as much as they can that is out there. You only live once!

Carlie Bonavia

Hello! I’m Carlie and my expat journey began in a very cliché way for an Aussie – I moved to London. It was 2013, I had a very successful career as a radio newsreader, but also a European (Maltese) passport burning a hole in my pocket. So I quit my job and left for what I thought was two years (max) of doing random hospitality work, traveling as much as I could and training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

It is now my sixth year abroad. I spent three years in the UK before I moved to Strasbourg in France in 2016, for love. I was lucky enough to take my London job with me, so I remote work as a Content Writer for a global company. I also do some freelance voiceover, blog occasionally and host a podcast talking to fellow Expats about their experiences. I think I will be in Strasbourg for a while yet – my boyfriend and I just bought a house here!

Jens Hack

My name is Jens and I was born in the early 70s in New Zealand to German immigrants – giving me dual nationality. I left New Zealand in 1997 with the idea of returning in two-to-four years time; twenty-two years later, at the start of 2019, I came to the conclusion that I won’t be returning. I have travelled extensively for both leisure and work, but in terms of working career it has been marketing, advertising and internet startups in London, England and finally Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

In 2010 I stopped my career and became a house-husband to take care of the home front and support my wife who is a Child Psychiatrist. I have two girls, both entering puberty, which can be intense. I am a class-father and librarian of my youngest; observing how children are raised and schooled in modern society has given me much to think about. I enjoy nature, walking, cycling, camping, museums, philosophy, spirituality and finding ways to live sustainably. Occasionally I volunteer at the community centre.

Earlier in 2019 I started a project based on my interests called DeWandelaar (, and That translates to ‘The Wanderer’. Now I’m staying in Europe, I decided to learn some languages, so forgive the errors, but I am not a perfectionist. I am not on social media much as it is not high on my priorities and find it hard to sit in front of a computer these days. However I will try for this Rocur project, and I’m hoping the experience will show me how to do it efficiently!