Hello, WeAreXpats!

You may (but probably don’t) remember me from when I took over this RoCur in June 2017. Then I was working as an au par just outside of Rotterdam, NL. Now I am studying for my Master’s degree in Digital Media Arts just outside of London, U.K. What a difference six months can make!

I’ve lived in parts of Texas, Florida, and spent two years in Los Angeles, California, but spent the majority of my life in Nashville, Tennessee. After being privileged to travel within Europe several times during my teenage years, I knew I wanted to live abroad. I spent a semester in London in Spring 2012 getting a taste of what living in another country and culture was like. I spent 10 months living in Rotterdam, and now I’m back living near London. I’ll be here for about another nine months, but have no clue where I’m headed next!
I’ve been blogging since Xanga, LiveJournal, and MySpace were happening, but these days you can find me chipping away at my M.A. blog or Instagramming my makeup collection. (It’s therapeutic!)

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