Amy Amann

Hi, I’m Amy Amann, originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and enjoy my time as a Citizen of the world. I’m a long-time expat, and have been working abroad since before the Fall of the Berlin Wall. My first stint was a summer job, selling flowers at a flower shop in Aachen, then later I worked in large German companies, and also at a start-up during what I call the “wild west” days of Berlin in the mid-90’s! I’ve always been interested in other cultures, languages and learning, and have been able to combine those into a fulfilling career.

Professionally, I’m a consultant, trainer and coach for organisation, leadership and talent development for multinational companies and individuals. I’ve worked in Europe out of Germany, Netherlands and Luxembourg where I currently live. I’ve worked in and with most EU countries as well as quite a bit in Asia, and of course, the USA. I like working and supporting those people I call “Global Careerists” with their global career and lifestyles: those expats, international professionals and leaders working in our global, interconnected world. I see more and more people making and pursuing their career outside their passport country, like I did.

I got my MBA at Thunderbird, the Global School for International Management, and love meeting up with T-birds around the world. I also like to travel, try out new things and will generally say yes to anything at least once, and T-birds are well-known for that. I try to live like a tourist in my city, and have come to accept that I’m one of those people who like to explore and do new things, to challenge the status quo and ask not only why, but also why not?

You can find out more about me and my work online at and on Facebook on my page, Achieveian Coaching and on Twitter at @AmannAmy.

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