Cynthia J.

Ahoj! I’m Cynthia — I’m an English teacher and blogger from Washington state, USA (Seattle / Anacortes). I’ve been living in the Czech Republic with my (also American) husband for five years. The whole ‘expat’ thing happened quite accidentally for me. After a stint studying abroad in Berlin, Germany in 2007, I was dead-set on returning to Central Europe (the area of my heritage) to live for a short time (which, of course, has turned into 5+ years and seems never-ending!) . After scrimping and saving, we bought a one-way ticket and made the move in 2012, entering Europe as vagabonds, spending a month here and a month there before finally ending up in Prague and taking a teaching certification course. It’s amazing that we ended up here without a plan or any expectations, but managed a good degree of success when all was said and done.

At the beginning of 2013, we moved from Prague two hours south to Ceske Budejovice (Budweis), population 100,000. And yes, that is “Budweis” as in home of the original “Budweiser”! South Bohemia (the name of this region) is beer country, as well as being absolutely beautiful and full of wonderful people. I had no idea we would still be here, but this Czech life / life in Europe really suits us. The I spend my time writing, studying both Czech and German language, playing music, doing yoga, and having local and international adventures, often tromping around Central Europe with my Czech dachshund (who has a passport!), and blogging about the expat life at

My week at @WeAreXpats should give you a look at my life as a teacher in a beautiful Czech city outside the capital of Prague with a bit of Czech culture sprinkled in.

Twitter: @cynthj
Instagram: @cynthmj

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