Hannah Hyde

My name is Hannah Hyde and I am an American currently living in the suburbs of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I moved here in October 2016 to work as an au pair during a gap year before I return to pursue a Masters degree in fall 2017.

I’ve lived in Texas, Florida, and California, but spent the majority of my life in Nashville, TN. After being privileged to travel within Europe several times during my teenage years, I knew I wanted to live abroad. I spent a semester in London in Spring 2012 getting a taste of what living in another country and culture was like.

I’ve loved living in the Netherlands and being able to explore a new country and learn bits of a new language. I’m nowhere near fluent in Dutch, but I’m pretty spoiled that the majority of people here speak English quite well. I love where I live because I can easily access the modern city of Rotterdam, the more historic cities like Den Haag (The Hague) and Delft, and the beach town of Scheveningen all in under an hour.

I’ve been blogging since Xanga, LiveJournal, and MySpace were happening, but these days you can find me blogging on Involuntary Adulthood – the blog I run with one of my best friends about everything to do with being an adult – from cooking to travel to relationships.

Feel free to follow my personal or blog social media accounts:

Twitter: hchyde
Instagram: thehannahch

Twitter: @InAdulthood
Instagram: @InvoluntaryAdulthood

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